As part of the TrustHCS move to CorroHealth, we have moved.
All courses will be available at


Below are common questions and answers to help with this transition.

Does this mean I have to reset my password?

No. Your password and login information used in the TrustHCS solution will still provide you access to the system.

Do I have to start over with my courses or will my history be carried over?

All the history of completed sessions and certificates earned will be available in the new site.
Your access to the on-demand sessions previously available in the system will also be maintained.

Where can I see the schedule of upcoming courses?

The schedule for January through June is posted on the new page at

I cannot seem to access the new page. What should I do?

If you are having issues access the page, send the site to your IT department to place it on the safe list.

              Who should I contact with questions about this change?

              Any questions on the change can be emailed to

We hope the CorroHealth Academy continues to provide value to your career and increased knowledge in 2021!